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NDMTA Certification

At the June 2013 NDMTA Conference, members voted to change the NDMTA State Certification and Renewal requirements to parallel the MTNA Certification Plan. This move encourages teachers who are interested in certification to pursue the MTNA Certification Plan, signifying their commitment to continued excellence in their profession. North Dakota State Certification can no longer be earned separately from MTNA National Certification. Teachers seeking to be a North Dakota Certified Teacher of Music (NDCTM) will be granted Permanent North Dakota State Certification automatically upon receiving MTNA National Certification and upon paying the appropriate fees to the NDMTA. It is not a requirement that Nationally Certified Teachers of Music apply for North Dakota State certification, however it is an option that may be exercised. Membership in the NDMTA must be maintained by the North Dakota Permanent Certificate holders (NDCTMs) for the certificate to remain valid.

MTNA/NDMTA Teacher Certification: Purpose

The purpose of MTNA/NDMTA Certification plan is to promote recognition of music teaching as a profession. The objectives of the plan are (with credit to the MTNA for information from the MTNA Certification Program webpage):

  1. To improve the level of professionalism within the field of music teaching.
  2. To validate an individual's qualifications for a specific field of professional practice.
  3. To obtain and maintain professional growth through the completion of the certification program.
  4. To help identify competent music teachers within the community.

Become a MTNA/NDMTA Certified Teacher of Music

The program of certification is based on a set of five standards defining what a competent music teacher should know:

  1. Professional Preparation
    • Knowing and Performing Music
    • Knowing and Understanding Students
  2. Professional Teaching Practice
    • Planning Courses of Study
    • Facilitating Music Learning
    • Fostering an Educational Environment
    • Assessing Musical Growth
  3. Professional Business Management
  4. Professionalism and Partnerships
    • Contributing to the Profession
    • Building Partnerships
  5. Professional and Personal Renewal
    • Evaluating Professional Growth
    • Continuing Education

More information on the certification program is available at

Applications and information to start the process of becoming a Certified Teacher of Music can be found at

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