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Under the sponsorship of the Fargo-Moorhead Teacher Association, a group of 30 music teachers met in the Gardner Hotel in Fargo on January 20, 1957 and organized the North Dakota Music Teachers Association. At that meeting, a constitution was accepted and the following officers were elected:

President: Mrs. W. H. Temple, Fargo
Vice President: John W. Seale, Jamestown
Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs. Ray A. Johnson, Fargo

It was voted at this time to join the East Central Division. Forty-four members enrolled, and five attended National Convention in February. The first State Convention was held October 13 and 14, 1957 at Jamestown College, Jamestown.

NDMTA: A Timeline

1960 Membership was 82
1963 First high school audition winner: John Murphy, Minot, ND
First Chair of National Committee: William Boehle, Grand Forks, ND
Chair of MTNA Student Activities Committee (1963-65) William Boehle, Grand Forks, ND
and Beth Miller Harrod, Lincoln, NE. Developed the original division level high school auditions which later blossomed into the current MTNA High School Competitions
1964 First commissioned work: Symphonia by Daniel Goode
Changed to West Central Division
1966 First Baldwin winner: Sharon Christianson, Grand Forks, ND
1967 Certification adopted
1968 First collegiate winner: Mrs. Marilyn Coles, UND
1969 First state directory and level one of study guide
1974-1978 First West Central Division president: Dr. Frank Pearson, Dickinson, ND
1975 First rally
1976 First composition winners:
Elementary: Ann Marie Almlie, Valley City, ND
Junior High: Carrie Flatau, Valley City, ND
Senior High: Jurgan Almlie, Valley City, ND
1980 West Central Division Competitions held in Fargo-Moorhead (First held in ND)
1982 West Central Division Competitions held at UND, Grand Forks, ND, 1/22-24
1985 First National Winner: Scott Thornton (collegiate brass), Baldwin, ND
1990 Second National Winner: Matt Putz (Sr. High brass), Grand Forks, ND
1993 First non-advancing competition
1994 First NDMTA Teacher of the Year: Sharon Wesbrook, Hillsboro, ND
1995 First Handbook/Directory
1999 West Central Division Competitions held at Minot State University, ND 1/15-17
Third National Winner: Chris Rom (collegiate brass), Minot, ND
First Lifetime Achievement Award: Janie Green, Fargo-Moorhead MTA
2001 Highest % of Teachers contributing to the MTNA Foundation
NDMTA First Foundation Fellow: Janie Green
2002 Initiated a 25-year membership certificate
2003 MTNA Local Association of the Year: Durum Triangle
NDMTA Second Foundation Fellow: Eloise Halverson
2004 NDMTA Third Foundation Fellow: Frank Pearson
MTNA Teacher of the Year Award: Eileen Geske
2005 NDMTA Fourth Foundation Fellow: Carole Flatau
2006 NDMTA Fifth Foundation Fellow: Beth Klingenstein
2007 Highest % of teachers contributing to MTNA Foundation
NDMTA Sixth Foundation Fellow: Sharon Wesbrook
2008 NDMTA Seventh Foundation Fellow: Marilynn Moe
2009 NDMTA Eighth Foundation Fellow: Diana Schroch
2010 NDMTA Ninth Foundation Fellow: Ruth Stenson
2015 MTNA State Affiliate of the Year

Past NDMTA Presidents

Year President
1957 Mrs. W. H. Temple, Fargo
1958 John W. Seale, Jamestown
1960 Elisabeth Lewis, Grand Forks
1962 Gerrit G. Vander Mei, Minot
1963 Mrs. A. Ross Fillebrown, Fargo
1964 Frank C. Pearson, Dickinson
1966 Mrs. O. K. Jacobson, Fargo
1968 Mrs. Bertel Nelson, Clifford
1970 Earnest M. Larson, Grafton
1972 Mrs. Donald Flatau, Valley
1974 Lise Johnson, Cooperstown
1975 Arlene Beckwith, Fargo
1976 Eloise Halvorson, Williston
1978 Eloise Halvorson, Williston
1979 Sue Hegberg, Jamestown
1980 Helen Sayer, Cooperstown
1982 Helen Sayer, Cooperstown
1984 Paulette Kilts, Fargo
1986 Marie Almlie, Valley City
1988 Diane Eichhorst, Washburn
1990 Diane Eichhorst, Bismarck
1993 Janie Green, Fargo/Moorhead
1995 Janie Green, Fargo/Moorhead
1997Ruth Stenson, Thief River Falls, MN
1999 Diana Skroch, Valley City
2001 Beth Klingenstein, Valley City
2003Sara Bloom, Grand Forks
2005 Priscilla Keogh, Dickinson
2007 Corinne Nustad, Moorhead, MN
2009 Arlene Gray, Bismarck
2011 Kathleen Johnson, Langdon
2012 Beth Klingenstein, Valley City
2014 Lisa Schuler, Langdon
2016 Jeanette Bernston, Ulen, MN
2018 Vangie Johnson Parker, Fargo
2020 Dianna Anderson, Minot
2022 Tamara Bertram, Grand Forks

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